Five Ways To Go Organic

Everyone knows that eating organic food is better for you - but did you know there are many other ways you can incorporate chemical-free products into your everyday life? From your beauty regime to your Friday evening glass of wine - here are our tips on going au natural every step of the way. 

Your Food  

The trend for eating organic food really stemmed from fruits and vegetables. It’s common knowledge that pesticides are used to treat growing vegetables to improve the chances of a bumper crop. This may be good news for farmers, but for those consuming the food, they are at risk of a host of health issues. Pesticides and herbicides are, by their very nature, toxic. This can lead to a build-up of damaging chemicals in our bodies that we are not built to process - especially young children. Organic foods are also non-GMO, meaning they haven’t been genetically in any way. Whilst this can sometimes mean your fruit and veg looks a little less pretty, it’s definitely worth it to know they aren’t full of harmful chemicals and byproducts. With the slew of organic produce delivery services sprouting up all the time, it’s never been easier to eat organic. 

Your Wine 

In the same way that organic vegetables aren’t treated with any pesticides, grapes used in organic grapes are totally chemical-free. Non-organic grapes are harvested using machinery causing them to tear and become oxidised. To counteract the oxidisation, producers will inject the wine with nasty sulphites, to help preserve the wine. These sulphites are the real cause of hangover headaches, so switching to organic wine will not only help your general health but will also help you avoid feeling awful the day after a night of indulgence! 100% natural wine has become so popular in recent years, that almost all the major supermarkets now stock organic brands and ranges and you can even join organic wine clubs! 

Your Cleaning Products 

It will come as no surprise that household cleaning products are full of chemicals, but did you know that your Spring Clean could be a huge health hazard? Chemicals used in cleaning stay on the surfaces for longer than you may think and also pollute the air in your home. These chemicals can then be inhaled by everyone in your family. Studies have shown that these chemicals can even increase the risk of asthma. But it’s not only the air in your house that gets polluted - they also impact the wider environment. Household cleaning products impact o-zone depletion, climate change and also pollute our waterways, Switching to organic cleaning methods will help save both your health and the planet. There are plenty of ways to create DIY natural cleaning products - but you can also find organic ranges in most supermarkets. Tesco stock our favourite Method multi-surface cleaning

Your Skin Care 

As 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, it makes sense that if we are thinking about the food we put in our mouths, we are also concerned about the beauty products we are using daily. Organic skincare and beauty products are completely toxin-free and rely on the natural power of plants to make us look fabulous. Natural ingredients are just as effective as synthetic ones, but with less chance of toxic chemicals entering your body. Organic products are also much kinder to sensitive skin, and those with skin conditions like eczema, thanks to the lack of harmful chemicals. All of Kanture Care’s essential oils are organic, vegan and totally natural - if you are thinking of dipping your toe into organic skincare our Midnight Oil is a great place to start.