11 benefits of Argan oil for your skin and hair


 There are many benefits to using argan oil as part of your self-care routine, including as a cleanser, giving you younger-looking skin and protecting your hair from heat while blow-drying.  Click here to jump straight to the benefits.



Between the Atlantic ocean and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco lies the Argan Forest. It’s the only place on earth where you will find argan trees, which have existed here for thousands of years.

These trees produce argan oil, the main ingredient in KNature Care’s organic, cruelty-free skincare products.

Argan oil comes from the fruit of argan trees.

The kernel inside each fruit holds the oil, which contains many beneficial ingredients including:

🌿  Linoleic and Oleic fatty acids
these help produce the skin's natural oil barrier, helping to keep skin hydrated, plumper, and younger looking

🌿 Vitamin E
an essential nutrient and powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, it helps support the immune system, cell function, and skin health 

🌿 Phenols 
help to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals in the environment 

🌿 Carotenes 
help to protect against cellular damage and repair sun damaged skin.


This unique combination means argan oil has a number of health benefits.

What are the benefits of argan oil for the skin? 

  • Boosts hydration and elasticity - for all types of skin, including dry and oily. Argan oil is gentle and locks in moisture.
  • Regulates oil production - the fatty acids in argan oil help to control sebum levels whilst hydrating your skin to prevent excess oil production
  • Combats the symptoms of acne - Argan oil cleanses and soothes your skin, without stripping natural oils or blocking your pores. 
  • Younger looking skin - contains CoQ10 which helps skin cells regenerate faster. As we get older, our CoQ10 reduces. Argan oil can help keep your skin looking young.
  • Heals new scars - The healing properties of argan oil get to work on new scars. If you suffer from acne or you’ve picked up a scar, argan oil can help repair the damage.
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks - promoting natural skin regeneration and repair to reduce inflammation
  • Calms sunburn and reduces sunspots - soothing Vitamin E helps to heal and repair.
  • Cleanses your face - a few drops of argan oil is all you need to gently yet effectively cleanse your face, leaving your skin feeling gorgeous and your pores clear.

Using Argan Oil as a cleanser

  1. Spray some oil onto the palm of your hand
  2. Using your other hand, apply the oil to your cheeks and forehead
  3. Gently massage it all over your face and neck
  4. Choose a facial cloth or pure cotton towel to remove the makeup and residue from your skin
  5. If you’re using a facial cloth, put water on it and cleanse make-up and dirt from your face
  6. You can also wash your face with water and then gently pat it dry with a towel

To introduce argan oil into your beauty regime, you can add a few drops of argan oil to your facial cream or apply it on its own.


Benefits of argan oil for hair

    • Protects your hair from heat - avoid heat damage from blow drying by putting argan oil on the ends of your hair beforehand. 
    • Conditions your hair - do you have dry or damaged hair? Use argan oil on wet hair as a conditioner. It hydrates and softens while Vitamin E repairs damage.
    • Soothes your scalp - use argan oil on your scalp to calm your skin and repair damage.
    • Strengthens hair follicles - phenols in argan oil support and strengthen hair follicles
    • Promotes hair growth - antioxidants in argan oil promote cell production encouraging growth 



It is obtained by waiting for the fruits to fall. They are then dried in the open air before the pulp is removed. The nut is then cracked by hand to expose the kernels inside. This has to be done in a particular way to ensure the quality of the oil and that you harvest as much as possible.

The oil is cold-pressed with stones. Unfiltered oil is left to sit for 2 weeks before being filtered for purity. It is all done by hand.

Just think of the care and attention that goes into producing each drop! 💚

Empowering women and maintaining traditional techniques

We use pure, first grade argan oil, it is not diluted by any other oils. This ‘liquid gold’, as pure argan oil is known, is produced using traditional methods by Berber women working in a cooperative.

They know how to crack the argan nuts to get the best quality argan oil. You can get different grades of argan oil and we only use first-grade oil in our products. Berber women use generations of knowledge, skills and experience to look after the argan trees and obtain the oil ethically and sustainably.

This source of argan oil enables us to support the local economy and protect the ecosystem by working with people who harvest the oil properly. The cooperative empowers these women to be independent by providing employment. We want these amazing trees to exist for generations to come and for the Berber women working in this industry to earn fair wages for giving us this precious oil.

Why do we use organic argan oil?

We believe that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you consume. We only use organic argan oil in our products because we want to be sure that there are no pesticides or additional chemicals in the oils.

KNatureCare products are formulated to complement all skin types and we want you to be confident using them, knowing they do not contain any unknown substances.


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