Our Founders

Our Team 

KNature Care was founded in 2019 by sisters Nathalie and Nisrine Wakim.   Born in Beirut, the sisters now live on different continents, with Nathalie making her home in London and Nisrine living with her young family in Morocco.  Despite the distance between them, the sisters are bonded by a strong passion for holistic beauty therapies and finding skincare solutions derived from the natural world. 

Nathalie is a seasoned entrepreneur. In 2007 she opened a holistic beauty spa in Beirut and on moving to London she founded Modistyle - a luxury fashion brand and consultancy business - working with celebrities and high profile clients at an international level.  Nathalie has a true passion for the beauty industry, but has always been aware of the damage certain products can have on the environment - and our skin.  Through KNature Care, Nathalie has been able to combine her expertise in luxury goods with her experience of working with natural beauty therapies.  She created the holistic line of products, proving that the healing power of nature can rival the harmful chemicals used in many popular, luxury skincare ranges. 

Nisrine is a freelance photographer and TV Producer and has built a career on capturing the beauty of the natural world.  Her work has led to her travelling extensively, and her wanderlust has allowed her to discover places and people that few get to experience.  A mother of three, living with Coeliac disease, Nisrine is passionate about living a healthy life and helping others to do the same.  Aromatherapy has helped Nisrine manage the symptoms of her condition, and her life has been transformed by the blends created by KNature Care, having finally found products that are kind to her sensitive skin. 

A desire to contribute to the movement of chemical and cruelty-free beauty products drove the sisters to create KNature Care. They discovered the transformative power of natural oils and saw how they rejuvenated their own skin - curing eczema and dark spots that expensive creams had previously failed to treat. Now they are ready to share their discovery with the world, helping others benefit from the healing properties of these awe-inspiring natural ingredients.