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Organic Argan Oil for Face

Reduces signs of ageing

Relives Feelings of stress 

A synergy of certified Organic Argan Oil for Face with aromatherapy synergy, Anti Aging Oil and chemotype Essential oils.

Moonlight is the perfect addition to your night time routine, relaxing your mind,  calming and regenerating the skin.

Relieving stress and anxiety.


MOONLIGHT is a certified Organic Argan Oil for face and anti-aging Oil enriched with Pelargonium pure essential oil.

Lemon essential oil gives the skin a firmer complexion and repairs wrinkles whilst relieving  stress and anxiety

Ylang Ylang, the scent from the Indian Ocean, regulates the sebum and regenerates the skin. 

Néroli essential oil helps relieve tension, anxiety and insomnia

Active Components

LIMONENE, Alpha-Pinene, Neroleole, Germacrene.

Instructions for use

Exclusively at night-

Apply a few drops of MOONLIGHT on your skin, on to a clean face and massage in gently. 

This product is not compatible with sun exposure.

In case of eye contact with the product, clean gently with vegetable oil.

We advise individuals who suffer from allergies in particular Limonene, Sesquiterpene to do a preliminary test in the crease of the elbow before using.