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Free delivery to all UK post codes for orders of £40 or more
Hair Bloom Scalp Oil
Hair Bloom Scalp Oil
Hair Bloom Scalp Oil

Hair Bloom Scalp Oil

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Hair loss

Scalp Ailments

A synergy of certified organic Argan oil and chemotype essentials oils.

HAIR BLOOM soothes the scalp and promotes healthy organic hair growth for women and men.

After just four applications your crowning glory will be noticeably thicker and stronger.


Ylang Ylang regulates the sebum, the real Lavander regenerates the skin and the Atlas Cedar treats greasy hair, dandruff and hair loss.

Used once a week, HAIR BLOOM cleanses the scalp, reduces hair loss, encourages hair growth and repels grey hair.

Results are visible after the fourth application.

Active Components 

Linaly Acetate, Beta Himachalene, Linalool, Alpha Himachalene, Alpha Atlantone.

Instructions for use

Apply Hair bloom on the scalp and massage it in gently and leave it for at least 30minutes, then rinse carefully.

Repeat the application once a week. After 4 applications, hair loss will stop. After 6 applications, you will start to see hair regrowth.

In case of eye contact with the product, clean gently with vegetable oil.

We advise individuals who suffer from allergies in particular Sesquiterpene, Ketone to do a preliminary test in the crease of the elbow before using.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The smell is amazing!

This product helped me so much as I was losing hair. The smell is also something else. I really liked it.

I am a huge fan

I love the results this product has given me. I use it weekly and it is not greasy but light and effective. It smells fabulous

My magic oil !

I highly recommend the bloom hair oil mix. First , the smell takes me to another world, i really feel happy and relaxed when i smell it. My hair is always shining and full of life, after one month of using it. Thank you for creating such healthy and clean natural product that's also effective 😊

Hair Bloom

I was suffering from hair loss i used many products and i didn't get the result i want after using Hair Bloom my hair loss stoped after 1 month and i can see new baby hair.
i liked the smell of the product very relaxing too.
Highly recommend it